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The long unmeasured pulse of time moves everything.
There is nothing hidden that it cannot bring to light, nothing
once known that may not become unknown.
Nothing is impossible.

-Sophocles, Ajax

I started tracking history when I became a TimeWatch agent. Not all of history, of course, only the parts I give a damn about. Here’s the thing. A lot of prehistory is ridiculously boring, and there’s a lot of room to hide in if you’re trying to avoid someone. I mean, there’s a billion years — a billion — when all of Earth is pretty much a big mat of bacterial slime. If you’ve ever been waiting for a SlideTrain and thought “oh man, this is taking forever!” because it was 15 minutes late, I advise you don’t spend a lot of time in the Boring Billion.

But do you know what? Lots of history is also amazing, and there’s untold amounts of amazing history that you’ve never heard of. There’s heroism, drama, backstabbing, tragedy, pathos, unfairness, really ridiculous coincidences, and tiny pivotal moments that change the course of empires. For instance, the US Civil War was won by the North because some Union scout opened up a discarded cigar box and found Robert E. Lee’s Special Order 191 wrapped around three cigars. Getting this secret plan for the invasion of Maryland to Union general George McClellan helped ensure Northern victory at the bloody Battle of Antietam.

And let me tell you, stealing those orders and leaving them in the cigar box for the Union to find at exactly the right time is exactly what being a TimeWatch agent is all about.

That’s what I love, fixing the pivotal moments that other people screw up, and saving history when someone else tries to destroy it. That’s why I started tracking some of those moments in history. I wrote them down here, along with the big occurrences you should probably know about. You won’t find all the big events in history, just ones where I know time travelers got involved — and this doesn’t even begin to cover all of the possible missions that are out there. There are hundreds of other amazing historical events taking place between each of these entries, and a little research on “timelines of world history” will reveal them to you in abundance. Every single one of those has an opportunity for adventure, or at least for a fast mission. The question is who’d want to change the event, and why? Answer that, and you’re halfway there.

I’m writing this anonymously, because I’m spilling some secrets that aren’t supposed to slip out. Just call me “the Historian” and know that I’m on the side of true history, whatever TimeWatch says it is, and I’ve done my best to make that happen. And if I screwed up a few times? Well, no one’s perfect, and erasing a paradoxical timeline means never having to say you’re sorry to your briefing officer. Usually.

Over the years I’ve collected diaries and mission reports from other TimeWatch agents, and I’m including some of those here. There’s a lot of missions at TimeWatch that no one ever talks about, and mysteries that no one has ever researched. Sometimes they’re investigated or solved by agents from TimeWatch’s future. Hey, that agent may even be you, looking at a future record of something you’ll accomplish years from now.

I break the timeline down into Prehistory, Ancient History, Contemporary History, and Future History, but that’s just for convenience. At TimeWatch, prehistory and ancient history are usually lumped into one category.

You’ll find added mission summaries and stories here from a few different folks:

{Insert PC names and a sentence or two about each of them}

One note. Your own future is always sketchy as hell, because it changes every time some two-bit chronal saboteur screws around with a plague or a filed-down firing pin on a sniper rifle. Our true future is pretty much what TimeWatch tells us it is, especially once the time machine is invented, and I’ve seen enough corruption within the ranks to know that I can’t always trust what they tell me. You may find your own future to be dramatically different than what’s listed here. Don’t panic if it is; that probably means that whatever future I’ve experienced was wrong, and someone has altered it to its true path. I hope so, at least. Good luck with that.

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